Clever Ways to Organize Books

April 2015

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A bookworm’s home is a cozy one, filled to the brim with nonfiction and fiction titles in every nook and cranny. However, that often means that your ever-growing book collection feels like it’s taking over your house, with no real place to store it. Before you invest in yet another bookshelf, check out these creative… Read more »

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Chef Gary of DeJavu Restaurant wants the people of Memphis to know that you don’t have to blow your calorie budget to enjoy Creole cuisine. At his eatery on Florida Street, Chef Gary weaves vegetarian and vegan options into his menu of mostly traditional Cajun fare. Sink a fork into the pasta primavera, a medley… Read more »

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From the old-timey sign hulking over Summer Avenue to the massive screens backed by trees, Malco Summer Drive-In paints a portrait of sunny summers past. Tucked away in Memphis—a city rife with history—the drive-in brings even more nostalgia to anyone who visits. Double features of first-run movies kick off promptly at dusk, so make sure… Read more »

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You never know when you’ll have a mishap in the kitchen or take a spill, and the best way to prepare for these types of at-home injuries is by preparing a well-stocked first aid kit. To be truly prepared, you should store one of these personal injury kits in your car, as well. Here are… Read more »

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Everything is starting to bud and bloom! What are you doing to enjoy this lovely change in weather?