McEwen’s on Monroe: Do Dinner Tapas-Style

July 2015

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If you head to McEwen's on Monroe for dinner, don't overlook the tapas menu. It's separate from the rest of the dishes, but many locals say it's just as impressive. Plus, you can practically build an entire meal from the upscale bites. Begin with the juicy watermelon salad with Bonnie Blue Farms goat feta cheese,… Read more »

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When The Orpheum Theatre first debuted in 1890, it basically only had one job: to bring vaudeville to Memphis. It did just that for more than 30 years under the name The Grand Opera House. But tragedy struck in 1923; a fire broke out at The Orpheum and the place went up in flames. The… Read more »

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Once they fully grasp the idea behind Flight Restaurant and Wine Bar, most customers fall in love with it. True to its name, the Memphis restaurant offers flights of not only wine, but also tapas. There are five food flights to choose from: fish, butchers', steak, farm and field, or seafood. Each matches up with… Read more »

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Its important to understand the different type of fats that are found in the foods you eat. Monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats are actually healthy in limited amounts. However, too much saturated fat can lead to high cholesterol and even some forms of cancer. If you know which foods contain this type of fat, you can… Read more »

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