Corral Clutter and Create Beautiful Vignettes Around the Home Using Serving Trays

February 2016

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If you’re looking for an affordable way to add high style to your home, using serving trays is a great idea. On countertops, dressers, and even on the bed, serving trays add a designer-inspired look to any surface in the home. Here’s some inspiration for styling trays. Add a serving tray to your coffee table… Read more »

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Do you feel stiff and sore after a long day spent in front of the computer? Even telecommuters struggle with an achy neck and shoulders, but luckily, working from home makes it so that you can set up your workspace in a way that feels comfortable. Here are desk and chair ideas to make your… Read more »

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On this day we honor all of the Presidents of our great country. If it weren’t for them, our country would not be what it is today!

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We hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day celebrating with the ones you love!

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If you’re a coffee fan who takes the home brew very seriously, you’re likely always on the hunt for new kinds of coffeemakers. These four tried-and-true options are longtime favorites of coffee lovers around the world, and best of all, they’re just as beautiful as they are functional. The French Press. The class French press… Read more »

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Whether you're throwing a dinner party, planning a birthday bash, or having family over for the holidays, these simple tips will teach you how to play host or hostess without the unnecessary stress. Start early. At least a few weeks ahead of time, start to think about the major details: the number of guests, the… Read more »