Follow These Tutorials to a Cool and Kitschy Macrame Plant Hanger


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Macramé may have originally gained popularity back in the 1970s, but the kitschy weaving craft is coming back in a big way. If you love plants and you’re always looking for fun new ways to display them, you may even want to try making a macramé plant hanger of your own. Here are a few… Read more »

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Decorating your apartment may seem expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. By simply recycling those old tapestries that you loved so much in high school, you can create a chic, eclectic look for no money at all. Here are a few creative ways to decorate your apartment with tapestries. Create a headboard. If your… Read more »

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If you’re looking for an affordable way to add high style to your home, using serving trays is a great idea. On countertops, dressers, and even on the bed, serving trays add a designer-inspired look to any surface in the home. Here’s some inspiration for styling trays. Add a serving tray to your coffee table… Read more »

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Do you feel stiff and sore after a long day spent in front of the computer? Even telecommuters struggle with an achy neck and shoulders, but luckily, working from home makes it so that you can set up your workspace in a way that feels comfortable. Here are desk and chair ideas to make your… Read more »

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If you’re a coffee fan who takes the home brew very seriously, you’re likely always on the hunt for new kinds of coffeemakers. These four tried-and-true options are longtime favorites of coffee lovers around the world, and best of all, they’re just as beautiful as they are functional. The French Press. The class French press… Read more »

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Whether you're throwing a dinner party, planning a birthday bash, or having family over for the holidays, these simple tips will teach you how to play host or hostess without the unnecessary stress. Start early. At least a few weeks ahead of time, start to think about the major details: the number of guests, the… Read more »

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Even if you haven’t had the best luck with plants in the past, that’s no reason to give up on having a greenery-filled home. While certain houseplants are very finicky and seem to die as soon as you glance in their direction, others are hearty, resilient and made for people whose thumbs aren't exactly green…. Read more »

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Everyone gets stressed out from time to time, but if it starts to interfere with your day-to-day life, you could be dealing with something a bit more serious. The next time you start to feel those overwhelming feelings creeping on you, try these simple tips for combating stress naturally. Don’t let it go too far…. Read more »

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While you likely already know that you can use fabric softener sheets for, well, making your fabrics softer, you may not know that there are a number of other uses for these handy household items. Here are just a few smart and surprising things to do with your dryer sheets. Wipe up fine, powdery spills… Read more »

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For the avid foodie, there are few things in life more beautiful than a good cheese plate. If you want to create a truly gourmet quality cheese plate for your next dinner party or holiday gathering at The Meadows, use these simple tips for assembling the perfect spread. Consider the basics. Before beginning, consider how… Read more »