How to Design Your Own Floral Arrangement


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Think that you have to visit a professional florist to find a magazine-worthy arrangement? Think again! With these simple tips for designing your own floral arrangements at home, you can fill your space at The Meadows with gorgeous flowers or even give them as affordable gifts to friends. Choose the perfect vase. Choose a vase… Read more »

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Penguins sure are adorable with their silly waddle and their tuxedo-inspired coloring, but they’re actually much tougher than they seem. These cold-climate birds live in the snow and ice, and they make it seem pretty effortless. Don’t penguins ever get cold? First of all, penguins are quite hefty for their size. Emperor penguins weigh around… Read more »

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Your bedroom should be a place of rest and relaxation, but in your effort to keep things understated and minimal, you might make the décor seem a bit boring. Here are some ways to breathe new life into an outdated bedroom—while still getting a good night’s sleep. Switch out your side tables. One of the… Read more »

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Are you one of those people who walk through the door and drop everything right in the entryway? If you answered yes, you might be looking for ideas for controlling clutter in this high-traffic area. These simple tips will show you how to control all of those shoes, bags, keys, and other essentials that tend… Read more »

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Do you have a well-made but outdated piece of furniture in your home that you hate to throw away? Luckily, it’s easy to transform that ugly wooden chair or banged-up dresser into something fresh and modern with only a simple coat of paint. Here are a few tips that will save you money on new… Read more »

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Think it takes a decorator’s eye to mix patterns? Think again! With a few smart tips and some simple rules to keep in mind, you can mix patterns like the pros in any room in your home. Choose a color scheme. First, pick a color scheme that you’ll stick with throughout the room. Whether it’s… Read more »

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Whether you work from home or you simply need a quiet space for catching up on emails, many people value having a designated home office space. This area should inspire you to do work free from the clutter of everyday life, and these organizational tips will show you how to create a workspace that promotes… Read more »

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Sure, a diet involves cutting back on fat and calories, but that doesn’t mean that you should ever feel hungry. Here are some tips for losing weight without going hungry. Don't fast. Trendy cleanse diets involve drinking only water, juice, or not eating anything at all in order to shed pounds. While you might lose… Read more »

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While you try to recycle everything that you can, you might still feel guilty about just how many plastic bags that you get from the grocery store each week. Instead of tossing them in the recycling bin, try one of these fun and creative tips for making something new out of your old plastic bags…. Read more »

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Are you partial to chic, modern furnishings, or is your interior design style more of the cozy, vintage-inspired variety? Knowing exactly what types of furnishings you like best will make it much easier for you to decorate your home at The Meadows. Here are a few great online quizzes that will help you to zero… Read more »