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Mississippi Greenbelt Park: Go for a Stroll

If Mud Island doesn't sound like a particularly enticing place to visit, that's only because you've never been to Mississippi Greenbelt Park in downtown Memphis. It resides on Mud Island, and despite the name of its place of residency, the park is a favorite among Memphis locals.

One turn around its 1.5-mile trail, and you'll probably understand why. The walking path winds through 105 acres of trees and grass, all drenched in the warm Memphis sunshine. Since the park boasts ample parking and many bike racks, you shouldn't ever have a problem finding somewhere to leave your roadster. You can even launch your boat out into the water from the boat ramp, which sits at the north end of Mississippi Greenbelt Park. So there's really something for everyone to do at this public space in Memphis.

Mississippi Greenbelt Park
Harbor Town
Memphis, TN 38103