How to Make Your Childhood Favorite Wall Art Look Chic and Grown-Up

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From band posters to ticket stubs, you likely had quite a few things hanging on your wall as a child or teen. While these items hold a lot of nostalgic charm, they don't exactly translate into stylish decor — or do they? Here are a few ways to give your (or even your child's) favorite… Read more »

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Here are a few quick, all-natural tips that will add a fresh, clean scent to your home's bathroom. Add an essential oil diffuser. Essential oils are some of the most potent natural scents, and by adding a few drops to a wall outlet diffuser, you can easily permeate the air with fresh, clean fragrance. Hang… Read more »

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Something as small as adjusting your curtain rods can quickly change the look of your home. Follow these tips to create a better look for your window and the rest of your space! Always hang your curtains up high to the ceiling. It makes your ceilings look higher and your space look larger and will… Read more »

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Plain, bare walls are blank canvases just waiting to be filled with accessories or décor. Hang almost anything on your wall and your space will instantly feel homey and more personal. Follow these tips to bring some life to your bare walls. Use a variety of different patterns or colors of washi tape to create… Read more »

• May 3, 2016 • Comments are off for this post

A well-styled sofa can really make a difference in the over all look of your living room. Even a perfectly good, beautiful sofa can seem dull without the right styling elements. Follow these simple tips to help spruce up your sofa. Update your rug to one with a bold pattern. This can define a neutral… Read more »

• April 5, 2016 • Comments are off for this post

Macramé may have originally gained popularity back in the 1970s, but the kitschy weaving craft is coming back in a big way. If you love plants and you’re always looking for fun new ways to display them, you may even want to try making a macramé plant hanger of your own. Here are a few… Read more »

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Even if you haven’t had the best luck with plants in the past, that’s no reason to give up on having a greenery-filled home. While certain houseplants are very finicky and seem to die as soon as you glance in their direction, others are hearty, resilient and made for people whose thumbs aren't exactly green…. Read more »

• December 2, 2015 • Comments are off for this post

Your bedroom should be a place of rest and relaxation, but in your effort to keep things understated and minimal, you might make the décor seem a bit boring. Here are some ways to breathe new life into an outdated bedroom—while still getting a good night’s sleep. Switch out your side tables. One of the… Read more »

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Are you one of those people who walk through the door and drop everything right in the entryway? If you answered yes, you might be looking for ideas for controlling clutter in this high-traffic area. These simple tips will show you how to control all of those shoes, bags, keys, and other essentials that tend… Read more »

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Do you have a well-made but outdated piece of furniture in your home that you hate to throw away? Luckily, it’s easy to transform that ugly wooden chair or banged-up dresser into something fresh and modern with only a simple coat of paint. Here are a few tips that will save you money on new… Read more »