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Watch a Live Forging Demo at The Metal Museum

Never been to a museum dedicated entirely to metal works of art? That's probably because there's only one in the entire United States, The Metal Museum in Memphis. Since you're lucky enough to live near this one-of-a-kind institution, don't miss up your chance to explore.

Not only is The Metal Museum different in the content of its collection, but it also considers the creation of masterpieces part of the art itself. That's why you can actually watch metalworking demos right at the museum, including forging and casting of fine metals. The rest of the space is dedicated to exhibits of metal masterpieces and information about how they were crafted, and by whom. So if you're interested in delving deeper into this branch of fine art, The Metal Museum can help you get started.

The Metal Museum
374 Metal Museum Drive
Memphis, TN 38106
(901) 774-6380